What Keeps you GOING??!!

by fullcity506

Since we’ve been slacking off on the blog lately, we thought it would be appropriate to write a little about motivation. What motivates you? Being in the very early stages of starting a small business, we constantly need motivation ideas. There are small things to get us “up and at ’em” such as music, inspirational books, quotes and, of course, a great cup of coffee!!!

As I sit here writing this post, I have Maroon 5 blasting in the background; it gets me excited and ready to work. Now, Cary would probably choose something a bit less mainstream like Ratatat or Ghostland Observatory. However, we both would agree of some Trombone Shorty though!!

Cary and I are not motivated by the prospect of making a lot of money. Of course, we want to be able to provide for ourselves and we enjoy nice things, but money is not what makes us happy. This took me awhile to learn although I am convinced Cary was born without the desire to become wealthy. As long as he can pay his bills, have his family, his dog and good beer every now and then he is content and satisfied! Our true goal is simply to bring joy and a great cup of coffee to people who will appreciate it. We also want to give back to the community and be as good to our earth as possible in the process of everything.

We enjoy being together, and with our family and friends, which is a HUGE motivation. We are motivated by all those things but what on a day to day basis motivates all you readers out there running your own business?? Please share!