Raleigh’s Ragin’ Coffeehouses

by fullcity506

During our dating and early married life Cary and I spent a lot of time in coffeehouses. In fact, we still frequent coffeehouses whenever we’re looking for a good time. It’s a cheap date, most are quiet and we both enjoy it!! Having both spent a lot of time in the Raleigh, NC area we decided to share a bit about our favorite coffee shops in Raleigh.  The entire Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area has great coffeehouses, but we are only sharing our Raleigh favorites today!

Global Village Owner, Mike Ritchey

Global Village Owner, Mike Ritchey

One of the most consistently fabulous places for great coffee is Global Village Organic Coffee on Hillsborough Street.  The owner himself is a wonderful barista, always challenging himself to keep up with the best brewing methods and newest drinks for serious coffee lovers.  From a ristretto to a single cup made with a drip filtercone, you won’t be disappointed.  There is also a great deal of consistency from barista to barista at Global Village, which is often challenging to find from a coffeehouse. Global Village also offers great food and other drinks. They make a mean mango smoothie and have great sandwiches for lunch and delicious muffins and croissants for breakfast. Global Village also does an excellent job of keeping their prices as low as possible for their loyal college students. By the way, the success of Global Village drove Starbucks away from Hillsborough street, if that says anything about the dedication of Global Village to great coffee!

Café Helios

Café Helios

Next up we’ve got Café Helios on Glenwood Avenue. Café Helios has always had outstanding coffee, whether freshly brewed drip coffee or a perfectly pulled double shot. More recently, Café Helios has introduced more local, fresh foods to their menu.  They also have a wine menu and incorporate a lot of local bands into their nightly schedule for great entertainment.  Check out their facebook page for info about their great new food items and for pictures of beautiful latte art!

A staple of downtown Raleigh, and the Five Points area in particular, is the Third Place coffeehouse. It’s quiet and quaint making it great for a cheap date night. The whole Five Points area is full of goodness. Take in a movie, have dinner, and then finish the evening with coffee at the Third Place. The Third Place was also a regular choice during college to spend those late nights studying.

Cup A Joe, Hillsborough Street

Vintage Probat roaster at Cup a Joe!

If you’re looking for a very hip coffeehouse, then you’ll want to visit Cup A Joe, particularly the Hillsborough street location. Their coffee is great, but not quite as good as the coffeehouses above, however the atmosphere is fun and eclectic. The Hillsborough street location is frequented by hotrodders, artists, musicians and students alike.

If you’re familiar with any of these coffeehouses then tell us your favorite! Otherwise, we would love to hear about the great coffeehouses in your area.